Problems with EN12767
First problem: The certification of planted NE3 posts is a delicate balance in how tight the upper part of the post is bolted to the grond-piece. Is it too loose, it will tumble over, even without collision, is it too tight, it won’t pass the test. The influence of time is not tested. Rust, overtightening bolts, sinking of the structure, none of these are tested, yet all posts suffer from it.
Second problem: Some tests are done in Soil -S-, some in sand, some in mud. All testers call their test conditions representative and claim their posts will always function as designed. Well, obiously not. There are only few places where the soil conditions mimic the test conditions. There are no places where this remains during the installation-period.

Solution to the EN12767 discussion:
Use a TOAD to increase TIFF and AISI margins . It will provide a better performance of the post. Tested in air, soil composition or property won’t matter anymore. Aging of systems provide the necessary buffer, sinking of structures is stopped.

Problems with EN40
Our own studies show that the tables for planted installations according to EN40 are insufficient. As leaning of posts is not accepted anymore, the TOAD will provide the solution for this problem.

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